BESTOPE Professional Baby Curling Iron 9mm – 18mm for Perfect Baby Curls (Black)

£ 36.99

Sweet Baby Curls – The professional 9mm – 18mm staple free tourmaline wand allows you to make small, beautifully radiant and tight curls
Smoother, Brighter Hair – Breakthrough ceramic technology creates negative ions to seal the hair’s protective layer, repel moisture and eliminate frizz
Ultra-fast – The infrared technology reaches the desired temperature in less than 60 seconds and penetrates the hair for faster styling
Travel-friendly – Ultra-lightweight curlers made of materials used in the aerospace industry. Contains universal voltage (110v – 240v) for worldwide use
Thermal Protection – Your HerStyler Baby Curls Hair Curler purchase includes a free heat resistant Kevlar glove



Make beautiful, radiant baby curls in seconds – no mess, no hassles and no more bad hair days!

Do you want to spend shiny, dense dreamlike baby curls without hours with your hairstyling?
Worried about damaging or burning your hair with conventional heat styling tools?

Stop worrying about bad hair days and damage and start getting the look you want – fast. The HerStyler Baby Curls Curler heats you up to the perfect temperature in less than a minute, thanks to the groundbreaking infrared technology that penetrates your hair and thus prevents unnecessary damage … Put on the heat-resistant glove and start with, your hair around the hair Ceramic and stapleless tourmaline rod to wrap for a healthy, shining, fantastic frizz-free style. You will get perfect little curls every time!

Why do customers worldwide love this unique Baby Curls Curling Iron?

• 9mm – 18mm clipless tourmaline rod, 152mm length
• Ceramic technology produces healthy looking hair
• Infrared heat for faster styling and less damage
• Universal voltage for worldwide use
• Includes a free Kevlar glove for your thermal protection

Customer satisfaction guaranteed:

The brand BESTOPE focuses on making beautiful hair your lifestyle. Its latest technology will make your hair look fabulous by smoothing, curling, curling or frizz-free volume, creating your own individual and confident style!



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