White Stripes 56pcs Leaching Strips for White Teeth Whitening Strips Bleaching

£ 20.99

  • 56 bleaching stripes: 28 for the lower row of teeth and 28 for the upper row of teeth, 30 min/day, mint taste.
  • Professional sealing technology: no-slip technology, the strips adhere better to the teeth and do not slip, they adapt perfectly to the individual bit.
  • Safe and fresh: no hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and pain, fresh mint taste, leaves your mouth fresh and clean every time.
  • 【White Teeth】: Removes stains caused by tea, coffee, wine, smoking or bad daily dental care, makes your smile shine in new shine!
  • Guarantee: the bleaching strips is FDA certified, and we offer 12 months worry-free guarantee. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to tell us and we want to solve your problems at any time.



How to use:
Step 1: Clean the teeth thoroughly.
Cut 2: Remove an edge, peel off the soft strip from the plastic film.
Cut 3: Glue the bleaching strips to the upper teeth, align the gums and press well. Repeat the process with the smaller strip for the lower row of teeth.
Cut 4: Remove bleaching strips after 30 minutes, discard and then brush teeth. Strips if necessary previously for 2-3 min. soak with warm water if it is difficult to peel off.

In individual cases, there may be white, temporary stains on the teeth. This is normal. The stains are reformed after the last time they were wounded. Please continue to use normally.
The teeth of all people are different, the results of whitening is not the same. So it cannot be predicted or guaranteed.

Children under the age of 12 may not use this product.
Do not use on dentistry.
The product must not be used after orthodontics and dental practices.
The tooth-sensitive users must not use the product with due care.

Box contents:
56pcs teeth whitening strips.


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