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Hairstyles FAQ

Q: How long does it take to heat up?
A: Our curling wand or straightener heats up within 30 seconds, help you with quick styling in a busy morning, save a huge time for you.

Q: Will using this hair straightener make my hair very frizzy?
A: This hairstyle product produces negatively charged ions that create soft, shiny hair without any frizz.

Q: For barrels without a clip, how do you grasp the hair?
A: Wear the glove to protect your hand from the heat. Take the hair by the ends and wrap it around the barrel and hold for a couple of seconds.

Q: Is there an auto shut-off feature?
A: Yes, The hair curling wand shuts off automatically after being unused for 60 minutes.

Q: Does anyone who has tried this curling wand and know how long the curls hold/last throughout the day?
A: The hair curler is made of Tourmaline ceramic coating for barrel, it provides even heat which helps seal moisture into the hair and protects the hair cuticle, ensuring better curl retention. It will keep your smooth with shiny curls lasting all day long.

Q: Does it work with 220 V?
A: Yes. It works with 110-240V.
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